Prodigy/CME Machine Controller Developer Kits
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Prodigy/CME Machine Controller Developer Kits

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NOTE: If you’d like a Developer’s Kit shipped to a location outside of the U.S. or Canada, please contact us via phone or email.

Prodigy® Family Motion Control Board Developer Kit are integrated hardware and software packages for exercising Prodigy/CME Machine Controller, Prodigy/CME Stand-Alone, Prodigy PC/104, and Prodigy/CME PC/104 motion control boards. Included in the developer kit are the selected Prodigy board and various cables to make it easy to communicate with the Prodigy board and connect to the motor and associated peripherals. All developer kits come with Pro-Motion, PMD's convenient Windows-based motor setup and optimization software, a complete C-Motion SDK, manuals, schematics, and software examples.

What it includes:

  • 4-axis Prodigy/CME Machine Controller board
  • L-bracket hardware for heat sinking and Atlas mount
  • Up to four Atlas Digital Amplifiers installed. The number and type of Atlas amplifiers depend on the number and type of motors being used— either Brushless DC, step motor, DC Brush motor, or multi-motor. Please contact us if you would like to purchase a Developer Kit with less than four Atlas installed.
  • Prodigy/CME SDK USB containing C-Motion and documentation in PDF format
    • Software
      • Pro-Motion
      • CME SDK
    • Manuals
      • Prodigy/CME Machine Controller User Guide
      • Magellan Motion Control IC User Guide
      • Magellan Motion Control IC Programmer Command Reference
      • PMD Resource Access Protocol Programmer Reference
      • CME Development Tools
      • Pro-Motion User Manual
      • Atlas Digital Amplifier Complete Technical Reference
      • Atlas Digital Amplifier User Guide (if kit is ordered with one or more Atlas amplifiers)
  • Complete cable and prototyping connector set and accessories for communication, motor connection, feedback, and I/O.

What you need to supply:

  • Personal computer
    • Pentium or better, one available PCI slot, 200 MB of available disk space, 256 MB of available RAM, and a USB port. The PC operating system required is Windows 7.
  • Up to four Brushless DC, step motor, or DC Brush motors. Encoder feedback is required for DC Brush and Brushless DC motors. For step motors, encoder feedback is optional.
  • Recommended motor size limits
    • Brushless DC – 750 W
    • DC Brush – 575 W
    • Step – 540 W
  • DC power supply per motor (recommend 24 Volt and 10 Amp, but the kit will support 12V to 56V).
    • The machine controller board itself is powered from the Atlas power input for axis #1 using onboard DC-to-DC circuitry. For first-time installation, you will connect to both the board's serial port and Ethernet port.
  • Cables as required to connect to the motors you have selected. Each motor axis that is driven by an Atlas amplifier requires a motor drive cable. In addition, feedback signals such as encoder feedback and limits are provided via a separate connector, one connector per axis.

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