Juno DK73112N for Torque Control Developer Kits
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Juno DK73112N for Torque Control Developer Kits

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NOTE: If you’d like a Developer’s Kit shipped to a location outside of the U.S. or Canada, please contact us via phone or email.

The DK73112N Developer Kit for Juno Torque Control MC73112N Family ICs are integrated board and software packages used to develop motion applications with the 56-pin VQFN Juno Torque Control ICs. They provide single-axis torque control for Brushless DC or DC Brush motors and come complete with an on-board digital amplifier with 250W capacity The DK73112N supports all Juno Torque Control IC features including direct analog command input, torque/current control, shunt, and much more. All developer kits come with Pro-Motion, PMD's convenient Windows-based motor setup and optimization software and a USB-stick containing a complete C-Motion SDK, manuals, example schematics, and applications.

This developer kit supports the MC71112N and MC73112N Juno IC P/Ns.

The Juno Velocity & Torque Control IC Developer Kit contains the following components:

  • Juno Developer Kit board
  • Phoenix screw terminal connectors
  • USB flash drive with Pro-Motion® software and C-Motion® language source code and documentation in PDF format

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