ION 500 Drive Developer Kits
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ION 500 Drive Developer Kits

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NOTE: If you’d like a Developer’s Kit shipped to a location outside of the U.S. or Canada, please contact us via phone or email.

ION® Digital Drive Developer Kits are integrated hardware and software packages for exercising PMD ION and ION/CME Digital Drives. Included in the developer kit are an ION or ION/CME Digital Drive and various cables to make it easy to communicate with the ION drive and connect to the motor and associated peripherals. All developer kits come with Pro-Motion, PMD's convenient Windows-based motor setup and optimization software, a complete SDK, manuals, schematics, and software examples.

What it includes:

  • Motor-specific ION module (per selection in table below)
  • Development software CD, user’s guide, and ION documentation
    • Software
      • Pro-Motion
      • Magellan SDK CD
    • Manuals
      • ION Digital Drive User Guide
      • Magellan Motion Control IC User Guide
      • Magellan Motion Control IC Programmers Command Reference
      • Pro-Motion User Manual
  • Complete cable and prototyping connector set and accessories
    • Communications cable (CAN bus or serial, depending on specific model ordered)
    • Ethernet Cable (ION 500s with Ethernet only)
    • CAN bus terminator (CAN bus version only)
    • Stub cable set – a complete set of cables with matching ION connectors on one end and flying leads on the other
    • USB to DB9 RS232 adapter

What you need to supply:

  • A host controller
    • Pentium or better, one available PCI slot, 200 MB of available disk space, 256 MB of available RAM, and a USB port. The PC operating system required is Windows 7.
  • For RS485 or CAN bus communications, a PCI board, PCMCIA board, or USB adapter (supporting that communications standard) connected to the PC.
  • Mounting hardware to attach the ION module to your cabinet or system.
  • Limit switches and other motion peripherals as required for the application.
  • Brushless DC, step motor, or DC Brush motor (should match the selected ION motor type).
    • Recommended motor size limits
      • Brushless DC – 500 W
      • DC Brushed – 450 W
      • Step – 350 W
  • DC power supply (recommend 56 Volt and 10 Amp, but the kit will support 12V to 56V).
  • Cables – either the stub cable set that comes with ION Developer’s Kit or custom cables designed for your system.

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